VirtualFD will enable of the in silico regulatory evaluation of flow diverters (FDs) for intracranial aneurisms. Right now the quality criteria regarding FDs are not properly defined, this solution will aid the development of criteria to evaluate newly developed FDs.

In the centre of this application there is a code which can simulate virtual FD deployment, taking into account their detailed mechanical and hydrodynamic resistance properties, both supported by measurements. For the clinical validation of this model, Budapesti Muszaki Es Gazdasagtudomanyi Egyetem (BME) built a worldwide unique measurement device to quantify the hydrodynamic resistance of the flow diverters, an essential input information to the predictive model, relative to perianeurismal flow simulations.

The In Silico World planned work is to validate this code with a medium-size cohort of clinical cases collected in a separate project at National Institute of Clinical Neurosciences. In addition to medical data, a mechanical and hydrodynamic resistance database will be built using our in-house measurement systems.