The Associate Partner Programme

The In Silico World Associate Partner Programme has been designed to enter new markets, amplify our collective international reach, create new outreaches, boost content promotion, and increase our influence within the in silico trials industry.


In Silico World (ISW) is a collaborative research project funded by the European Commission in the frame of the H2020 programme. It aims to lower the main barriers that slow down the widespread adoption of In Silico Trials, defined as the use of computer modelling and simulation in developing and derisking new medical products. We just completed our second year of activity, it is now time to share more widely with the in silico medicine community of practice the results of our work. For this purpose, we started the Associate Partnership programme.

Who can apply?

European institutions, private or public, including universities, research hospitals, biomedical companies, independent software vendors, contract research organisations, notified bodies and regulatory agencies, consulting firms, etc., can apply to become Associate Partners in the project. The application is evaluated per pertinence by the project board and then approved by the whole consortium through its general assembly.

Privileged access to project resources

Once approved, applicants will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
Once admitted, all associate partners will receive immediate access to public resources and results produced in the project. They will also receive a list of the confidential resources (it might be required to negotiate with the partners that own them special access terms).

This makes it possible for interested parties to gain early access to research prototypes, validation data collections, confidential documentation from regulatory submissions, targeted communication contents for various stakeholder groups, solutions to improve scalability and computational efficiency of In Silico Trials, as well as educational resources for training and retraining staff on this topic.

Engage with our consortium

By engaging with our consortium, you will learn from our mistakes and leverage our successes as you pursue your own strategy toward In Silico Trials. You may become a beta tester, a commercial exploitation partner, and more involved in major collaborative initiatives such as the Good Simulation Practice booklet. You will also get immediate access to our community of practice on Slack, which already includes over 600 specialists worldwide.

Submit your application!