Thanks to In Silico Trials healthcare professionals could access more diversified therapies and products.

This will change the future of patients’ treatment by maintaining the same level of reliability

as conventional approaches.

The clinician’s perspective

We are aware of how essential it is for healthcare professionals to provide their patients with more personalized and optimized therapies that could target and cure specific groups of individuals, taking into account their characteristics such as age or gender.

In Silico Trials could provide a more diversified offer of therapies, including solutions for rare or orphan diseases. The medical products developed with in silico trials could then be more cost-effective (or even cheaper) but also, and more importantly, they could maintain the same level of reliability and safety provided by conventional approaches.

Thanks to this, the healthcare professionals could better treat their patients, allowing them to access better care which will change the future of treatment for their conditions.

Part of our effort to facilitate this includes tailored events in all hospitals linked to our consortium, but also to relevant medical conferences. In addition, we will provide lecture materials specifically tailored for medical and allied professions students, to be delivered in all health teaching programmes linked to the In Silico World consortium.


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