The consortium will use an advanced simulation environment to address the needs for scalability and efficiency of the solutions being developed

In the frame of the European Centre of Excellence in Computational medicine, In Silico World is monitoring all use cases where computational scalability and/or computational efficiency are a bottleneck for the wider adoption of In Silico Trials.

CompBioMed offers free support to improve the scalability of your computational biomedicine solutions with high performance computers.

Are you struggling because your code cannot run in an acceptable time? Perhaps you are trying to simulate over 1000 virtual patients? Or do you need to perform some large-scale sensitivity analysis to get your solution certified by a regulatory authority?

Whatever is the reason, we can help.

Thanks to the funding of the European Commission, the CompBioMed Centre of Excellence in Computational Biomedicine now offers free support to organisations in their initial steps towards improving the scalability of existing computational biomedicine applications and deploying them on high performance computing resources.

team of experts will answer your questions through the #scalability public channel on the In Silico World Community of Practice hosted on Slack.

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