Why a community of practice?

Safe space

A pre-competitive space where experts from academia, industry and regulatory agencies can ask for and exchange advices


Join teams and collaboratively work on shared goals, projects, concerns, problems or topics


The community is invitation only: in this way we assure only interested experts have access

Sent your request to join by filling the form on the right, you will receive a link to create your account on the community

As our community keeps growing and recently reached 400 members, we felt the need to establish a small governance that reflects and represents its members.
This is why every channel in the community now has an administrator, who is invited to the private channel @Governance, where we will discuss and decide everything that matter for our community.
Our Administrators are:

Marco VicecontiMarco Viceconti, University of Bologna, as Founder of the community and Admin of #GoodSimulationPractices and #Goals
Roberta De MicheleRoberta De Michele, University of Bologna, ad Community Manager and Admin of #General and #OffTopic 
alfons hoekstraAlfons Hoekstra, University of Amsterdam, as Admin of  #ist_solutions
Angel Alberich, CEO of QUIBIM, as Admin of #Cancer
Cristina Curreli, University of Bologna, as Admin of the private channel
David Wifling, Leibniz Supercomputing Centre, as Admin of #CoDesign
Emily Lumley, University College London, as Admin of #CompBioMed-AHM
Giorgio Davico, University of Bologna, as Admin of #dhealth4trials 
Francesco Pappalardo, University of Catania, as Admin of @IST_Research_Projects 
Giulia Russo, University of Catania, as Admin of @Stritvuad_UISS-TB
Marco Verdicchio, SURF Dutch Supercomputing Centre, as Admin of @CompBioMed-WP4


The community is hosted on Slack, to join please send an email to or fill the form below