Here you can explore the deliverables produced as part of the In Silico World project and those made publicly and freely available to the In Silico Medicine research community.

WP 1 – Coordination and Management

D1.1 – Risk analysis report (Confidential)
D1.2 – Risk analysis report (Confidential)


WP 2 – Development of advanced solutions

D2.1 – First report on Advanced solutions (Confidential)
D2.2 – Updated report on Advanced solutions (Confidential)
D2.3 – Final report on Advanced solutions (Public – Month 36)


WP 3 – Validation Collections

D3.1 – Report on initial validation data collections (Download)
D3.2 – Report on the certification of validation data (Download)
D3.3 – Report on publication of validation collections (Public – Month 36)


WP 4 – Technical Standards and Regulatory aspects

D4.1 – Guideline on model’s credibility standards (Public – Month 42)
D4.2 – First report on the qualification activities (Confidential)
D4.3 – Updated report on the qualification activities (Confidential)
D4.4 – Final report on the qualification activities (Public – Month 42)


WP 5 – Dissemination, Communication, and RRI

D5.1 – Dissemination and Communication Plan (Confidential)
D5.2 – Dissemination Report (Confidential)
D5.3 – Dissemination Report update (Confidential)
D5.4 – Dissemination Report update (Confidential)
D5.5 – Policy Brief (Public – Month 36)
D5.6 – Information Package and Lecturing Materials (Public – Month 42)
D5.7 – SWOT analysis process (Public – Month 48)
D5.8 – White paper on Policies (Public – Month 48)
D5.9 – ISW online Community of Practice and GSP consensus (Public – Month 48)


WP 6 – Scalability and efficient computing

D6.1 – Requirements analysis report (Confidential)
D6.2 – Scalability strategies report (Public – Month 42)
D6.3 – Efficiency recovery strategies report (Public – Month 48)
D6.4 – Open Source software for rule-based data sharing (Public – Month 48)


WP 7 – Re-training and Education

D7.1 – Report on ILOs, modules, and delivery modes (Confidential)
D7.2 – Report on training the IST workforce (Public – Month 48)


WP 8 – Exploitation, ecosystem enlargement, and technology transfer

D8.1 – Exploitation plan (Confidential)
D8.2 – Report on Results’ Exploitation (Confidential)
D8.3 – Report on Results’ Exploitation (update) (Confidential)
D8.4 – Report on Persistence of ISW resources (Public – Month 48)


WP 9 – Legal and ethical framework

D9.1 – Legal and ethical inventory (Download)
D9.2 – In-depth analysis of legal and ethical requirements (Download)
D9.3 – Implementation guidance and guidelines (Public – Month 40)
D9.4 – Validation and recommendations for lawmakers and policymakers (Public – Month 48)
D9.5 – Initial data management plan (Confidential)
D9.6 – Intermediate data management plan (Confidential)
D9.7 – Final data management plan (Confidential)


WP 10 – Ethics requirements

D10.1 – Research participants recruitment criteria (Confidential)
D10.2 – Informed consent procedures for human participation (Confidential)
D10.3 – Templates of informed consent/assent forms and information sheets (Confidential)
D10.4 – Copies of opinions/approvals by the ethics committee and/or competent authorities (Confidential)
D10.5 – Check if special derogations to the rights of data subjects have been established under local legislation (Confidential)
D10.6 – Host institution must confirm that it has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) (Confidential)
D10.7 – Technical and organisational measures description to safeguard the rights and freedom of data subjects (Confidential)
D10.8 – Description of security measures to prevent unauthorised access to personal data or equipment (Confidential)
D10.9 – Description for anonymysation/pseudonymisation techniques (Confidential)
D10.10 – Explicit confirmation of lawful basis for further data processing (Confidential)