In Silico World

A EU funded project which sees the participation of the world’s leading scientists, clinicians and companies on in silico medicine working together with a large multi-stakeholder advisory board to provide several resources that will permanently lower barriers to a wider adoption of In Silico Trials.

What do we do?

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In Silico World project aims at accelerating the uptake of modelling and simulation technologies for the development and regulatory assessment of all kind of medical products.


This will be achieved by supporting a number of In Silico Trials solutions through the steps of development, validation, regulatory approval, optimisation, and commercial exploitation.


These solutions are already developed to different stages and target different medical specialities (endocrinology, orthopaedics, infectiology, neurology, oncology, cardiology), different diseases (osteoporosis, dynapenia-sarcopenia, tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, mammary carcinoma, arterial stenosis, etc.), and different types of medical products (medicinal products, medical devices, and Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products).

In parallel, the consortium will work together with a large multi-stakeholder advisory board to form a Community of Practice around In Silico Trials, where academics, industry experts, regulators, clinicians, and patients can develop consensus around Good modelling Practices.


As the solutions under development move toward their commercial exploitation, the project consortium will make available to the Community of Practice a number of resources that will permanently lower barriers to adoption for any future development.


Some examples of resources are:

  • technologies
  • validation data
  • first in kind regulatory decisions
  • technical standardisation plans
  • good modelling practices
  • scalability and efficiency-improving solutions
  • exploitation business models

How is
In Silico World

In Silico World has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101016503
Call H2020-SC1-DTH-2020-1
Topic SC1-DTH-06-2020 Accelerating the uptake of computer simulations for testing medicines and medical devices


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