A total number of 600 CTA’s of patients that received an aortic valve replacement via a TAVI procedure will be made available as a validation collection for TAVI procedures but will also be used to design and execute an IST in which to different valve designs (Medtronic/Edwards) with respect to the need of pacing the heart will be compared.

The outcome of the IST can be compared with real clinical data that show a significant difference between the two brands. Software tools to derive a synthetic (virtual) certified patient cohort will be tested and results will be published and made available for the community.

With the In Silico World project the exact extend of what part of the data will be used and which accuracy is needed is part of the research.

The clinical study of which the data is used has been carried out by the same team as the one that carried out the FAME studies and similar quality regarding accuracy and quality can be expected.

If the quality of the data is representative of other clinical centres needs to be investigated in a separate study.