A data collection of 846 and 1500 angio-based coronary artery datasets will be made available as a validation collection for the evaluation of PCI procedures with different stent types.

The outcome of a study in which patients were treated with several drug-eluting stent and in which other 1500 patients were randomized and treated with two drug-eluting stent types, one biodegradable (Optimax) and one coated (Abbott).

These data collections will be used to validate activities in the ISR3D solution. Also, here the outcome of the IST can be compared with real clinical data. Again, tools to derive a synthetic (virtual) certified patient cohort will be tested and results will be published and made available for the community.

The StentValid cohort from the EMC for the validation for the ISR3D will be mainly based on the large database of the biodegradable stent studies (Absorb/Abbot) organized and executed by and within EMC.

The data were published in various papers before and these studies were geared towards comparing the efficacy of different stent types, with a focus on clinical imaging end-points, including neo-intima formation.

To be able to do so, several studies were conducted to validate neo-intima measurements based on imaging data, and these data will therefore be extremely applicable to validate ISR3D models.