OcDefects is a mechanobiology model of the osteochondral cartilage regeneration process, to be used for In Silico trials of an Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Product (ATMP) for the repair of deep osteochondral defects. Here, the focus will be on knee defects, but the approach is generic and could be used to develop models to test other ATMPs.

Starting from gait data, the mechanical requirements of the ATMP are derived. An atlas of the OA process, built at ULG from single-cell RNA Seq data available in the literature, will be used to identify potential drug targets in a systems biology approach using a regulatory network inferred from the transcriptomics data (prototype available).

In order to capture the behaviour of the ATMP in its clinical setting, the mechanical model will be coupled to the in-house developed cell growth model as well as the intracellular model through the mechanobiology-related pathways. Existing OA collections will be used to an in silico OA population.