InSole aims to combine subject-specific musculoskeletal models with novel predictive simulations for the personalized prescription of 3D printed corrective shoe insoles.

The integrated framework utilizes experimental measurements from a dedicated movement analysis dataset and plantar pressure to predict the optimal corrective stiffness and geometry of a custom 3D printed insoles to correct dynamic foot deformities during locomotion. The framework has been developed and validated in a healthy population and will be extended to a larger patient group and other dynamic foot pathologies.

The framework consists of the following steps:
• Patient complaint/presentation
• Patient assessment (i.e., anatomy, movement pattern, and plantar pressure)
• Personalised computational model development
• Simulation of movement using measured data
• Insole optimization simulations (stiffness and geometry)
• Prescription of optimized insoles

In the In Silico World project, KU Leuven will develop and validate it as a solution to evaluate and design patient-specific insoles for numerous deformities.

KU Leuven will provide the methodological development and validation, whereas Materialise Motion will be responsible for insole framework deployment as an online service, integration with the industrial manufacturing process and associated legal and regulatory issues.