BoneStrength: this is a solution aimed to assess the efficacy of antiresorptive drugs, a class of drugs aimed to treat osteoporosis and prevent low-energy impact bone fractures. BoneStrength relies on a patient-specific modelling pipeline that can predict the force required to break a specific bone under specified loading conditions, starting from a CT scan of the region of interest.

This biomarker, usually called Biomechanical Computed Tomography (BCT) already underwent extensive validation ex vivo and in vivo. In the ISW project, UNIBO plans to develop the In Silico Trials, starting from the BCT biomarker, by adding a virtual population, a disease progression model and a treatment model, automate some data processing steps, and validate it reproducing published interventional trials, and using a collection of CT scans of the femur available at the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute. We shall then pursue regulatory qualification with EMA.