Through its third-party Multiple Sclerosis Center (Neurology Unit of the Garibaldi Hospital located in Catania, Italy) UNICT will have access to data collections that involve at least 150 adults affected by the two most common forms of multiple sclerosis: primary progressing relapsing-remitting MS and secondary progressing MS.

For each patient’s age at MS onset, baseline MRI lesion load, oligoclonal bands status and the administered treatment will be collected.

These features are widely accepted as prognostic parameters of MS. The expected quality of the data will be guaranteed by the procedures followed by the Hospital data center.

In particular, demographic and clinical data are collected by medical personnel experienced in the management of MS patients and with certification of ability to perform the Neurostatus.

MRIs are acquired according to the protocols described in the international guidelines for MS and by neuroradiologists with experience in the field. Examination of the cerebrospinal fluid is conducted by an internal laboratory that annually participates in quality checks by the Italian Association of Neuroimmunology.