The new In Silico World website in online!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website. This is just one of the many goals that we have set ourselves and that demonstrates our commitment to pursuing the goal for a wider adoption of in silico trials.

The new In Silico World website has a completely new look, is faster, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly.

Our goal with this new website is to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information and share our knowledge and expertise in the field of in silico medicine, involving not only the medical industry stakeholders but also anyone who is oriented towards the future in this sector.

In addition to this, we would like to remind you that we have implemented a support service for scalability issues in collaboration with CompBioMed project. Check it out here.

In collaboration with the Primage project, we have created a new channel regarding “cancer” where the leading experts in cancer modeling work together in order to share ideas, experiences, and best practices for the applications of in silico medicine to oncology. Join the channel by subscribing to the community.

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