In Silico World releases a new data collection: TBValid

We need widely available collections of curated medical data specifically designed for the development and validation of in silico trials technologies. That is why part of the In Silico World project focuses on the collection, curation and publication of a number of data sets specifically designed to provide validation to in silico trials solutions. Partner Università degli Studi di Catania (UNICT) contributed to this goal with the TBValid collection.

UNICT has access to data of dose versus immunogenicity response in healthy volunteers and patients with active tuberculosis.

In TBValid, a virtual group of 870 digital ‘patients’ was created to facilitate a deeper understanding of tuberculosis. These are not real individuals, but computer-generated profiles that have specific characteristics such as age, body weight, and the initial level of bacteria present in them. These characteristics are combined in various ways to represent a broad spectrum of the population.

Previously collected data from real patients in a clinical trial has been converted into a general format to ensure privacy and anonymity. This modified data was then utilized to construct the digital patients, adhering to a method detailed in a referenced document for further information.

Access the full dataset here