In Silico World releases a new data collection: StentValid

We need widely available collections of curated medical data specifically designed for the development and validation of in silico trials technologies. That is why part of the In Silico World project focuses on the collection, curation and publication of a number of data sets specifically designed to provide validation to in silico trials solutions. Partner Erasmus MC contributed to this goal with a collection to validate restenosis models for vascular stents (StentValid).

Part of the StentValid data collection contains intravascular imaging data of patients with coronary artery disease. Those patients were treated with a bioresorbable scaffold or stent. Intravascular ultrasound data were obtained immediately after the procedure and at 6 months follow-up. This part of the StentValid database contains 200 data sets from 100 patients. Lumen, wall and stent contour data, based on intravascular ultrasound are included.

The data was geared towards evaluating the efficacy of the bioresorbable stent, focusing on clinical imaging endpoints, including neo-intima formation, which can be obtained from the contour data.

Our goal is to define requirements for data used as inputs of in silico trials models, analyse contexts of use and define requirements for validation collections, organise collections of existing data and support the formation of prospective collections. This is another step in that direction.

Access the full dataset here