Clinicians and In Silico Medicine: a survey by VPHi

As the in silico medicine community continues to grow, there is a need to follow up on the clinical applications of Computer Modelling and Simulation (CM&S). In 2021, our partner Virtual Physiological Human Institute (VPHi) conducted a clinical survey to collect feedback from clinicians regarding their knowledge, experience, and opinions on the application of CM&S in clinical practice.

Results and insights from that survey have been disseminated through the publication of a brochure (LINK) and a research paper on Frontiers in Medical Technology (PAPER).


Now in 2023, the VPHi wants to replicate and amplify the survey on a global scale, aiming to involve more medical doctors worldwide, capturing their perspectives on the clinical applications of Computer Modelling and Simulation (CM&S).

Extensive participation from doctors working in different areas will have a significant impact on the results of the survey. Please help us spread the word: we encourage you to share the following link with your contacts.

The survey is available at this LINK

Who should contribute: any medical doctors of any specialties;

Prerequisites: any clinician can contribute, having experience in computational modelling & simulation is not a requirement;

Survey length: 10 minutes.