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Experts from all over the world work towards a wider adoption of In Silico Trials in the biomedical industry


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Our mission is the wider adoption of In Silico Trials in the biomedical industry

and these are our targeted actions


Companies who are ready to invest in in silico trials are facing a severe shortage of properly trained specialists. We offer training and re-training opportunities for students and professionals



Our community aims at consolidating a set of industrial practices that will make easier and more reliable the development and implementation of In Silico Trials solutions



Various funded research projects are contributing to the lowering of the barriers that prevent a wider adoption of In Silico Trials, and are also supporting the In Silico World initiative



A safe space where experts and professionals from all over the world with experience in the field of in silico technologies work towards a wider adoption of In Silico Trials in the biomedical industry



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Chair of Computational Biomechanics in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bologna, founder and president of the VPH Institute and board member of the Avicenna Alliance. President of the International Scientific Committee of the Centre for Computational Personalised Medicine

Marco Viceconti

Full Professor

Communication Officer and Community Manager of the InSilicoWorld website and Community of Pratice, she has a MD and PhD in Web Communication and Analysis of the Digital Business Scenarios. Also manages the communication for the STRITUVAD project and the InSilicoMedicine group

Roberta De Michele

Communication Officer

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