The practice of In Silico Trials is still far from being established.
Most of the research so far has been conducted in academic labs, with a mindset far from the needs of industrial users. 

Our community needs to consolidate a set of industrial practices that make easier and reliable the development and use of In Silico Trials solutions. 

In Silico World is currently supporting two initiatives in this area: 

Good Simulation Practice

In close collaboration with the Avicenna Alliance, In Silico World hosts the consensus process to develop the so-called Good Simulation Practice. The idea is to develop eventually something equivalent to the Good Clinical Practice defined by the International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use
A first step in this consensus process is the collection of regulatory documents published worldwide that might be relevant for this consensus process.  The Avicenna Alliance has established a task force that in collaboration with the Medical Device Innovation Consortium, and the Food and Drugs Administration will elaborate a roadmap to pursue this ambitious objective.  

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Scalability and Efficiency

In the frame of the European Centre of Excellence in Computational medicine, In Silico World is monitoring all use cases where computational scalability and/or computational efficiency are a bottleneck for the wider adoption of In Silico Trials.