Communication Assistant

Title: Dissemination to, communication with, and engagement of In Silico Trials community of practice
Tutor: Prof Marco Viceconti
Funding source: project In Silico World (Grant N. 101016503)

Research Project

The position is funded by the In Silico World project, which aims to lower the barriers that slow down the adoption of in silico trial technologies. The Applicant will design and implement a strategy of dissemination of the results of an EU project named In Silico World. This dissemination should facilitate the involvement of interested stakeholders in the project’s activities and provide an effective communication toward them. Under the supervision of Prof Marco Viceconti, one of the leading experts in the field of In Silico Medicine, the applicant will collaborate with a senior communication officer in developing contents and manage web sites, accounts on social networks, e-newsletters, and an online community based on Slack, among the other.

Activity plan

The applicant will be trained on:

  • Development of Dissemination and Communication Plan for the In Silico World project, tailored to different target group follow the Buyer Persona approach.
  • Activation of relative IT services for the web site, the social networks, the e-newsletter, etc.
  • Development and management of a community of practice on Slack, following the “Honest Broker” model
  • Monitoring of the communication strategy, according to the Shannon-Weaver model
  • Development of additional monitoring metrics for social networks and community building

During his/her contract the applicant will:

  • Configure, and manage the public web site of the project
  • Create and operate social network channels for the project and the community of practice
  • Manage and further develop the community of practice, and the engagement of its members
  • Monitor the dissemination activity according to the agreed model
  • Provide general communication services to the academic team of Prof Viceconti and Prof Cristofolini, and to the Laboratorio di Tecnologia Medica led by Prof. Viceconti.

Skills and experience:

  • Academic degree in a relevant subject (ideally in communications studies, journalism, marketing) or at least 2-3 years equivalent professional experience;
  • Excellent written and spoken English;
  • Experience in managing social media profiles;
  • Experience with Google Analytics, Ads and similar;
  • Experience with CMSs and databases (especially WordPress);
  • Experience in organising events (physical, hybrid, digital) is welcome.

Place of work: Bologna, Italy

To apply to this position, candidates must wait for a formal public call that will be open at the University of Bologna; meanwhile, expressions of interest and CVs may be sent to