Master Programme

The programme

Led by Prof Marco Viceconti, Prof Lorenzo Chiari and Prof Luca Cristofolini from Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, the course includes 210 hours of frontal teaching, 16 hours of workshops, and 600 hours of internship at a company, research hospital, or regulatory agency.

List of modules:

  • Introduction to In Silico Medicine: introduction to the general concept of modelling the physical reality and to computational medicine, introducing some general concepts on regulatory affairs in general and in relation to in silico methods, and specifically the problem of assessing the credibility of predictive models.
  • Modelling the neuromusculoskeletal diseases: introduction of a series of modelling techniques to predict orthopaedic devices performance, skeletal strength, musculoarticular forces in neurodegenerative diseases, etc. We will introduce the concept of risk modelling and the design of in silico trials for paediatric orphan diseases.
  • Modelling the cardiovascular and respiratory diseases: full immersion in the development of cardiovascular models, sub-cellular, cellular, and whole heart. Prediction of neurovascular hemodynamics and circulation, stenting outcome, etc.
  • Modelling cancer, transmissible, and metabolic diseases: models of the sugar metabolism, of the immune system, prediction of physiology-based pharmacokinetics, molecular affinity binding, growth of solid tumours. Neurocomputational models.
  • Assessing the credibility of in silico technologies: Fundamentals: legislation, quality assurance, risk assessment. Certification of in silico medicine solutions. Credibility of in silico trials methods, and of molecular dynamics models. Qualification of in silico methods to assess medical devices or medicinal products.
  • Industrial and regulatory perspective: in silico trials for medicinal products and for medical devices. The role of consulting firms, software developers, and of software-as-a-service portals.











Applications deadline: 5 Oct 2020
Registration deadline: 9 Nov 2020
Lecture start: 4 Jan 2021

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