International School Programme

Programme of the lectures

Monday, 7 Sept 2020

13:0014:00Marco VicecontiWhat is a model? Introduction to In Silico Medicine
14:0015:00Pinaki Bhattacharya Biophysics models: FEM and CFD
15:0016:00Francesco Pappalardo Agent-based models
16:0017:00Miguel Juarez Bayesian and grey-box models
17:0018:00Michela MilanoMachine learning models
18:0019:00Mariano Vázquez High performance Computing for in silico medicine

Tuesday, 8 Sept 2020

9:0010:30Francesco MigliavaccaCardiovascular application
10:3012:00Lorenzo Chiari Neuromuscular application
12:0013:30Francesco Pappalardo Infection disease application
14:0015:30Enrico Dall’AraIn Silico alternatives to animal esperimentation
15:3017:00Liesbet GerisTissue Engineering application
17:0018:30Dawn WalkerOncological application

Wednesday, 9 Sept 2020

9:0011:00Francesco PappalardoThe regulatory context
11:0013:00Marco VicecontiVisions of the future: threats and opportunities

When: 7, 8, 9 Sept 2020
Who: Decision makers who have a business, medical, biological or pharmacological background


for profit: 1500 €
non profit: 750 €
VPHi members: 500 €
Avicenna Alliance members: 1100 €

Apply before 30 August 2020